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Please note at ADS Autos we do not fit parts supplied by Customers.

In this day and age of internet shopping and bargain finding we are seeing more and more of our customers trying to source their own parts for us to fit. Presumably thinking they are helping or more likely trying to save money.

Here are the reasons behind our policy we hope you will all understand.  It’s not all about making money. But I will not pretend there is not a small profit on the parts we supply. We are all small garage with 3 employees but still manage to spend I excess of £180,000 on spares a year so of course we receive and deserve a small discount on those parts but at that level of spending this also guaranties we receive sensible retail prices for good quality parts.

There are many counterfeit and poor-quality parts flooding the UK. When we purchase our parts, we do so from suppliers that we have been dealing with for tens of years so we trust and have recourse to them.

If your part fails (and they can) how on earth could we process a warranty claim?

If your part fails and you wish to claim for damages my insurance company will not pay.

We have a very good reputation in the local area. Which we would like to keep. If we fit parts that fail nobody will be interested that we didn’t supply them.

Lastly, no matter what you or anybody says regarding liability (i.e. the normal thing is I will sign a disclaimer) as far as the law is concerned we are the experts and would be deemed liable for any problems. If for instance a cambelt fails, that could easily write a car off. Brakes fail, you or somebody else could end up dead.

Why on earth would we or you want to take any of those risks above?

There are very few exceptions to this rule but please do not be afraid to ask.

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