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We offer a full maintenance and service from £75 + VAT



Following a change in the regulations (that not all car owners are aware of), having your new car serviced at a non-franchised dealer will not invalidate your guarantee

Now you are free to take your car to any suitably-qualified mechanic – as long as it is VAT registered, follows the manufacturers’ servicing procedures and uses original parts and fluids or those of an equivalent quality.

We advise our customers to have their MOT and annual service carried out at the same time where possible. This gives you the added advantage of only losing the car for one day a year. (Please read our MOT page for further details).

We check main dealer service schedules on all services and in most cases we will exceed their specifications. We will advise you before any action for the occasional extra work at specific mileages that may need to be done eg. cambelt change, fuel filter change etc.


  • We will not sneak on extra labour charges for changing the odd bulb or windscreen wiper blade.
  • We will not charge you for top ups, washer fluid, brake fluid etc
  • We will not carry out additional work found on your service i.e. brake pads belts etc without your express permission and agreement on costs.
  • There will be no environment charge.
  • There will be no percentage based consumables charge.
  • If your service book is available it will be stamped.
  • You will be advised on cam belt service intervals
  • If we run into any problem that may incur extra expense we promise to inform you as soon as possible.
  • Note: Due to varying costs on labour, parts and service intervals we will advise you on cabin & fuel filters. Some vehicles are fitted with long life very expensive spark plugs, if this is the case with your vehicle we will advise you if they need changing and the cost involved.

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