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At ADS Autos we have a unique and transparent MOT policy.

Although we are not a department of transport approved station, we will carry out an MOT on your behalf. We charge the department's recommended fee - currently £54.


As many of our customers know and appreciate we work closely with two local and trustworthy approved MOT stations. The advantage to our customers is they get an independent assessment of their car's condition. If the car fails and we carry out the repairs there will be no charge for the retest. The garage carrying out the mot has no vested interest to fail your car.

Some facts about a MOT test:

  • The equipment required costs many thousands of pounds and the test takes approximately one hour with most main dealers charging in excess of £100 per hour. It's obvious an MOT is not great business for them.
  • Beware of discounted MOTs - they are discounted for a reason.
  • Yes if your car fails we want to carry out the repairs but we cannot influence the test one way or the other.
  • You may ask why we do MOTs and why should you bring your car to us? Well because we have a very regular client base, we carry out approximately 30 MOTs a month. The two local stations we use want our business so they offer us a very small discount (this covers our running about expenses) more importantly we can remove the vehicle and carry out any required repairs and retest with no additional cost.
  • A great number of our customers have their vehicles serviced at the same time as the MOT. This gives them the advantage of only losing the car for one day a year (average mileage).
  • The MOT test is considered by many as an inconvenience and an expense they can do without. It's worth remembering the MOT failures are for your safety and although some of the issues may seem trivial most are not. We have seen many MOT failures over the years that if the driver had carried on driving could well have, in fact would probably have ended in somebody getting seriously injured or worse.
  • Lastly our mechanics are fully trained and qualified and the test centres we use employ testers who are also fully trained and qualified… not tyre fitters, push bike mechanics or dedicated unqualified MOT testers.

If you have got to have a MOT you may as well have it done properly.

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