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Cam Belt /Timing Belt Change
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Cam Belt /Timing Belt Change

This part of the engine is very important. These days when the cam belt or timing belt fails it is usually the end of that engine! The belt is reinforced rubber and as such the belt wears and the rubber deteriorates over time. We appreciate you don’t really want us to advise you that the belt needs changing with the cost that this involves however it is a lot better than hearing your belt has failed and that you need a new engine.

We have access to all the manufacturer recommended Cam belt change intervals and that is what we use to advise you. Unfortunately, it is not a part we can inspect and make a judgement. For that reason, we always revert to manufactures schedules and they vary from make to make and model to model.

If you do not have any history of Cam belt service and if it is over either mileage or age, we recommend you change it. We always fit a cam belt and pulley kit combination. The pulleys are just as likely to fail as the belt. Some cam belts also drive the water pump and if your car is high mileage we would recommend a pump, similarly if there is any sign of leakage we would do the same.

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