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Advantage of Booking Your Service and MOT Together
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Advantage of Booking Your Service and MOT Together

We advise where possible to book your vehicle in for an annual service and MOT together. We appreciate that sometimes this is not possible but the obvious advantage is that you will only be without your vehicle for one day a year.

In the past we have had many customers returning to us with a fault that they are convinced should have been picked up on the MOT test. The MOT and the service are two completely different operations. Two examples that we frequently come across are as follows:

Brakes – on an MOT the car is placed on a rolling road to check brake efficiency and the MOT tester will not remove the wheels to check brake pad wear. A car could have brake pads that are 90% worn but it will stop fine and therefore will not fail the MOT. If the tester happens to see the pads through a hole in the wheel he may advise you. When we service a car, we inspect the wear level on your brakes.

Low Oil or Coolant Level – customers frequently come back to us following an MOT with a problem caused by low oil or coolant level, both can entail major customer expense. Neither of those two levels is checked during an MOT test. The bottom line is an MOT test is not a service and both operations need to be carried out annually.

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