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We offer a full repair and re-gas facility. Our fully trained and licensed technicians will help whether you require component change or a service. We use the latest top of the range equipment and always add die and PAG oil. The die is so that if there are any leaks now or in the future we can detect these with ultra violet light. The PAG oil is essential for the long life of your compressor.

Although most modern systems are very reliable they do loose gas over time. Most manufactures recommend a service approximately every two years. Our service includes completely de-gassing your system, we then carry out a vacuum test, this highlights any catastrophic leaks and remove any moisture from the system, we will then re-gas and re-oil with manufacturers recommended levels, we also add die. We will check and advise you on your cabin filter, this is essential for the efficient operation of your system. You will be provided with a printout which will inform you exactly how much gas and oil was recovered from your system, it will also inform you how much gas, oil and die was put back into your system.

Pricing Policy

Service and re-gas if we are carrying out our standard full service on your car at the

Same time:                            £40

Service and re-gas only:     £50

All prices subject to VAT at current rate

Free estimates on any major component change.If after a service it is discovered you require a component change and we carry out that repair you will not be charged for the second re-gas.


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